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Combine harvester’s sicklebars by DBF and DBF Energy

Spare parts' stock

In 2014 Paglia Lino enlarged the show room in Pilastro. Sideways original spare parts’ stock for Laverdas and Valtras, there is now a department which can hold spare parts for combine harvester’s sicklebars by DBF (in 2007 it has been aquired by Energy) from Commessaggio. The new spare parts’ stock came with a new internal garage with experienced mechanicals, with this the company goes up with value.

Particularly, Paglia Lino offers now every kind of combine harvester’s DBF sicklebars: both gear and sheet.
Experts who work for the company can change sicklebars’ lift link and transmission, they also provide servicing and repairing sicklebars for soya TS90 1/2/3/4/5, sicklebars for mais, sunflower Pick-Up, TMRP1 and TMRP2.

In according with the mission, the commitment with the new service was serious since the beginning. Continuous improvement, delivery punctuality, availability each time of the years are the strengths we want to highlight.