Laverda combine harvesters - Fendt harvesting equipment

Our company represent Laverda since 2007, we work in Manova and Cremona in combine harvesters’ sector. A winning duo the one which involved the owner Paglia Lino and Laverda Spa: in 2008 Lino achieved the best performance in market’s share.

Laverda: succesfully combine harvesters

Laverda is the only Italian company producing combine harvesters. It was founded in 1873 by Pietro Laverda. In a few years he  transformed the company from a craftsman’s workshop to an industry. As long ago as in 30s Laverda was at the top in its sector and in 1956 Laverda designed and built the first Italian self-propelled combine harvester, the M 60 model, with which the Company settled in Breganze began to compete on the Italian and international markets. The model is over 50 years old now and is a clear demonstration of the technological experience that the company has already achieved at that time. The same experience is easy to be seen in even more full of innovation model like M 100 AL. This was the first combine harvester to be equipped with a transversal and longitudinal self-levelling system, in order to harvest on slopes. M series put Laverda in order to be one of the most important industry in the world in matter of combine harvesters.

Jun 2000 AGCO (3500 employees in Italy, France, England, German)  purchased brand and plant Laverda and Laverda’s historical trademark on the market, with a new range of combines, big balers and round balers. Achieved know-how became the start for a production of machines with great performance, which respected the state of art of technological level in the sector. In five years, Laverda came back on the maret with Lxe series, the new M series (both for rice and Levelling System)  and new combine harvesters with self-levelling systems. Than we have Serie M200, M300, M400 both for plan and levelling system. The machines are built for respecting total quality of Laverda mission, as a matter of facts the industry follow a “Manuale della qualità” developed in order to be conformed with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000. The whole production cycle is under continuous control and every parts pass through box of texting after assembly line.

Paglia lino: a guarantee for laverda client

Laverda always gives great importance in post selling services and so do we (technical assistance, spare parts service). Not only, trying to increase the trust, Laverda spends a lot of resource in very well organized vocational training for its employers. Other brands part of AGCO are: Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Challenger,…

AGCO dealer

Since 2014 our business is AGCO dealer: we offer Laverda Combine Harvesters from first hand and Laverda AGCO original spare parts. Thanks to the historical experience with the combine harvesters made in Breganze, in the event of demage occurring, we offer assistance and professionalism.

Paglia Lino srl and Fendt

Towards the end of 2018 Paglia Lino srl consolidates its presence in the field of harvesting becoming Dealer for the province of Mantua of the Fendt harvest line.

Among the products offered, therefore, not only combine harvesters, but also cutter bars, tedders, rakes, round balers and much more.