Second-hand agricultural machineries

In order to face all needs, used agricultural machineries and equipments are available in our Show Room settled in Pilastro (Marcaria). In our garage all machineries are overhauled, in this way we can guarantee for what we sell.

second hand combine harvesters

At the same time as we present last Laverdas proposals, as AGCO dealer for Mantova and Cremona, we offer used combine harvesters. Since 1963 we deal with agricultural machineries, with great attention for combine harvesters: over 50 years of experience guarantees professionalism and expertise.

The second-hand market

Combine harvesters, tractors, poplar’s equipments, atomizers and weeding machineries, drills, ploughs and… even more can be found on our thrift shop: we invite you to visit the one on this website or the shop on, facebook page. It’s all updated in real time with our proposal.

Second-hand agricultural machineries guaranteed by paglia lino is on:

Macchinari agricoli garantiti