Valtra tractors

Since 2012 our business works with AGCO Italia by showing in Pilastro a wide range of Valtra Tractors, Finnish brands which means power, reliability and continuous improving. First with T, than with N, Valtra won the price Tractor of the Years in 2015 and 2016.

Valtra tractors: wide range of tools in order to offer limitless comfort levels.

Valtra has manufactured tractors since 1951, but the company’s roots date back to the 19th century. Today’s Valtra tractors represent the culmination of two traditions: Finland’s Valmet and Sweden’s Volvo BM. The northern location has made Valtra a reliable and innovative tractor manufacturer.

Years of hard work on the fields, farms and forests and innovative R&D have made Valtras robust and agile tractors. We have faced both rain and sunshine, extreme heat and arctic cold at our home base in Finland and beyond around the world. The experiences don’t just make tractors reliable – they make them entirely adaptable to the changing face of farming and contracting. Whether it’s dairy or forestry or sugar cane and more, Valtra identifies the challenge and develop robust and reliable solutions to meet the need.

At Valtra, mission is to develop tractors and provide services that make your daily work easier. Every Valtra is built to full fill the needs of an individual customer at Valtra’s own tractor plant in Suolahti in the heart of Finland. Valtra provides clients with the tools and support clients demand to operate your business, just the way clients want them.

Against crisis: Valtra tractors’ rental

Since foundation, in 1963 we try to keep us up to date by proposing innovative solution. From 2014 ‘till now we put on the market a long time rental for Valtras.

Owner Paglia Lino, in an interview for Valtra Italia Magazine, says “ We try this formula for helping our clients. These are bad times economically speaking, the long time rental – three years before ransom – can help them. As a matter of facts, feedback are really good.” He continues “Valtras never fail the goal. They are solid and durable. The new T, so nice, don’t give a problem ‘til now. The range is perfect for our place, where in my opinion 250 cc are ok. With an 80 cc with powershift transmitting and Valtra can be a valid competitor with the strongest brand in this segment.”